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Malta first world country with education certificates on blockchain

Malta will be the first country in the world where, with effect from the next scholastic year, education certificates and credentials of all students will be on blockchain.

This will be possible through a two-year agreement which the Government signed with blockchain company, Learning Machine, which carried a pilot project in the past two years with MCAST and ITS students, among others. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that Malta’s pledge of becoming a blockchain island is a reality.

Maltese students will no longer need to contact education authorities to have a copy of O and A Levels, degrees or diploma certificates as from next October the education credentials and certificates, issued by private and public institutions in Malta will be on blockchain.

During the past two years, the Blockcerts technology was used for the first time in Malta in a pilot project led by Learning Machine and MIT, an American technology Institute, as Natalie Smolenski explained to TVM.

“Now you have them in a digital format and you can take them anywhere in the world, share them with anyone you want and verify them instantly for free”

During the signing of the two-year contract, Prime Minister Muscat said that this development reconfirms Malta’s vision of a blockchain island, adding that since September 2017 Malta managed to attract some of the best talent and ideas in the sector.

Digital Economy Parliamentary Secretary, Silvio Schembri, stated that another call for interest will be issued next Monday for scholarships to students who want to specialize in Masters of PhD levels in blockchain, while  the University of Malta will introduce blockchain in some of the courses from October.

“Law courses, ICT, engineering and related subjects will be changed and have credits focused on blockchain; therefore this means we will have lawyers who may specialize also in this industry – accountants, auditors, ICT officials, programmers”.

Education Minister, Evarist Bartolo, said that the Government is showing the world that Malta not only dreams great things but implements great things. He said that the Government wants to be a catalyst and an example to other countries which are still skeptical on the use of new tools.

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