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Malta has a competitive advantage in deciding its rate of taxation – PN

The Nationalist Party candidate for the European Parliament elections, Peter Agius, stated that Malta has a competitive advantage in deciding its rate of taxation. Dr Agius added that what Frans Timmermans is stating, that he wants an 18% taxation rate for all of Europe, threatens the livelihood of 27,000 persons in the gaming and financial services industry.

Regarding the fact that taxes are still a national competence, Dr Agius stated that up to before the seventies and the nineties, even the environment and immigration were national competences, but they have not remained so and have become European competences.

Nationalist candidate Frank Psaila stated that the Nationalist Party on one side is making proposals for creation of more work, with the Labour Party on the other side, which according to Dr Psaila wants the tax rate to be established by the European Union, thus creating a disaster in the labour sector.

Questioned about the Nationalist Party billboard referring to cancer, Dr Psaila stated that all of Europe has to jointly fight this sickness, as is being proposed in the electoral manifesto of the European Popular Party.


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