Malta has fourth highest vaccination rollout in the world

Malta classified fourth among all countries in the world in vaccination rollout, as it is currently among the most countries vaccinating with a fast pace.

Statistics gathered from the authoritive website, Our World in Data, confirms that Malta has an average rate of vaccinations of 1.1%, which is the best one in the European Union. The rate increased to 1.9% during the past seven days.

According to these calculations, if Malta continues with this rollout rate, the whole population will be vaccinated in about six months.

Countries who classified before Malta are Israel, which has the highest vaccination rate of 6%, and is projected to have the whole population vaccinated in four weeks.

It is followed by the United Arab Emirates with a 3.9% rate and the United Kingdom with 1.4%, which are expected to vaccinate the whole population in four weeks and three months respectively.

Italy has the worst vaccination rate among European countries, as the current vaccination rate will have the whole population inoculated in nearly five years.