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Eurostat identifies Malta as the EU country with the most qualifying nursing graduates

Eurostat has identified Malta as the EU country that has experienced the largest growth in the number of nurses that have qualified. This was reported by Dr Roberta Sammut, the Dean of the Medical Science Faculty at Malta University, during an inauguration reception for new nurses held yesterday at the Ministry for Health.

In all, from 2009 to this year a total of 1,175 new nurses have been registered.

This year, 157 new nurses and midwives have already qualified from the course and a further 22 will have completed their exams by the end of this month. Thus, 179 new nurses will have graduated this year, this being the highest number of nurse graduates in a year for the last ten years.

In his address, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, Dr Chris Fearne, thanked the nurses for their role in the health sector and their work for patients. He said the increase in graduates augurs well for the health sector.

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