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Malta improves position in World Democracy Index – climbs up to 18th placing

The Economist Democracy Index for 2018 has given Malta 18th placing out of a total of 165 countries.

Together with Germany and Finland, Malta is one of three European countries which have improved their rating in the democracy index, whilst the political situation in Italy has led to the country dropping twelve places when compared to its 2017 rating.

According to the democracy index issued by The Economist, Malta is one of three countries which have registered an advance among the 20 countries considered as enjoying full democracy, and is classified in 18th placing.

Nordic countries like Norway, Iceland and Sweden are at the top of the list, whilst Libya, Sudan and North Korea are bottom-placed in the index, which measures various structures of democracy in 165 countries.

The democracy index analyses the electoral process, civil liberties, the media, independence of the judiciary, governance and political participation.

The eleventh edition of the report by The Economist Intelligence Unit notes that for the third consecutive year, Western European countries registered a marginal drop in the Index. Reasons for this include the political situation in Italy, which the report described as one characterised by disillusion with political institutions. This has led to Italy dropping twelve places in the index, ending up in 33rd placing with democracies considered as defective.

The report notes that Italy’s position on migration continues to add to the possibility of civil liberties in the country falling backward.