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Malta in 36th place among 140 countries with most competitive economy

According to the World Economic Forum, Malta is in the 36th place from among 140 countries in the classification of the most competitive economies in the world. This emerges from the Global Competitive Index for this year which was published today. Meanwhile, another index published by a Swedish index shows that Malta is among the countries with the least risk of money laundering and financing of terrorism.

The World Economic Forum index analyses 140 countries from 12 different aspects.

According to the 2018 index, the most competitive country is the US. Malta has advanced ten places within the last five years in this index.

Malta obtained high ponts in all aspects except for the market size where only 21 countries are considered to have a smaller market than Malta.

However, according to the World Economic Forum, Malta is the most stable on a macro-economic level, and is ranked 16th in the health sector and the 24th in the world in the adoption of information technology.

The financial system in Malta is considered the 29th best in the world.

Malta obtained very high points in innovation, employee skills and the institutional environment. Economy Minister Chris Cardona expressed his satisfaction at this result and in a statement said that the Maltese economy has been doing well with an improvement in productivity, employment and sustainable growth.

Meanwhile in the last few hours, what is known as the BASEL AML Index was also published which quantifies the risk of money laundering, financing of terrorism, corruption and transparency.

The countries which are most at risk among the 129 are Tajikistan, Mozambique and Afghanistan…. while Malta is on the other side of the scale, in 118th place, surrounded by countries such as Uruguay, Latvia, Croatia, and Sweden where the risks are considered to be the least.

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