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‘Malta in our Hearts’ manifesto highlights 10 priorities including the environment and equal pay

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the PL’s manifesto for the MEP elections has a very strong and clear theme: ‘Malta in our Hearts’, which includes ten priorities which count both for Malta and Europe. He said that the manifesto includes brave decisions on the environment and equality so that the gender pay gap will be reduced and so that family leave will be introduced.

During a political activity in Zebbug, Dr Muscat said that up to a few years ago, there were sectors which were completely cut off from society, including women with a disability, who have never been so active in the workforce as they are today. He said that their inclusion follows the carrying out of policies which facilitate employment and financial independence.

The Labour leader said that whoever is trying to use extreme right-wing rhetoric about foreigners and their contribution towards the workforce is on the wrong track. Speaking about the Opposition leader’s argument about foreigners in Malta, Dr Muscat said that the Nationalists should have made this argument 15 years ago during the debate about EU membership, and not now. Dr Muscat said that there are 500 million Europeans who have the right to go and work wherever they wish throughout Europe just like the Maltese have the same right, and the contribution of foreigners is essential to do the work which the Maltese do not wish to do.

Dr Muscat said that Malta is doing exemplary work in various sectors and mentioned how it is going to be one of the first countries to introduce machines which refund money on recycled plastic bottles, long before other countries in Europe do so. He said that just as was mentioned in the manifesto, by the end of this year, the Maltese Government will introduce a scheme to recover 70% of plastic bottles which will go for recycling.  Dr Muscat said this, together with the switch to the use of electric vehicles for which a strategy will soon be punished, will make Malta among the first European countries to reduce the scourge of plastic waste and to improve air quality.

Referring to the theme ‘Malta in our Hearts’ he said that the Labour Party and its candidates care about the creation of wealth and unity among the people.

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