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Malta is the country with largest economic growth, but there are other priorities – PM

The Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party, Joseph Muscat said that the EU has confirmed Malta as the country which will have the largest economic growth in all of Europe.

During a political activity in Birzebbugia, Dr Muscat said, however, that there are other priorities which the Government wants to address including our quality of life, open spaces and air quality. He said that after the power station which worked with heavy fuel oil was removed, now we need to switch to electric cars.

Dr Muscat thanked the management at the Freeport which has given up land for which it had development permission to expand its operations, and where instead 8000 trees would now be planted.

Dr Muscat said that a Nationalist Government had burdened local councils with the responsibility of the roads, but no one ever gave them enough resources to work with. He said that there are streets where neither the council nor Transport Malta have shouldered responsibility for.  Dr Muscat said that at an investment of 700 million Euro in seven years, the Government was going to fix all the roads. He said that the money which used to be used by the local council for roads would now be used for other projects. The Labour leader said that he was amazed when he heard the Opposition Leader say that there was no need for the national roadworks project. He promised that he would ensure that every last road would be fixed.

Dr Muscat said that the Government would help sports federations to come forward with their concrete plans to help athletes to be successful. Dr Muscat praised the national under-17 waterpolo team and the sacrifices they made to achieve success in the European championships. Dr Muscat said that we need to adapt the educational system to help athletes continue to train in their respective sports disciplines and continue to invest in sports infrastructure.

Dr Muscat said that the Nationalist Government had forgotten the south of Malta for 25 full years and now he does not even want the citizens in the south of Malta to vote after the PN did not field enough candidates, including in Birzebbugia.

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