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Malta leases painting for exhibition on Dante Alighieri in Italy

The national museum of art, MUŻA, has leased  for a few months the painting “Kristu Rxoxt iħaddan is-Salib” by famous artist Guido Reni, for an exhibition commemorating the seventh centenary since the death of Italian poet, writer and philisopher, Dante Alighieri.

Noel Zammit, chief executive of Heritage Malta, said that the exhibition, apart from its great artistic value, is also an opportunity for nations and different entities to collaborate between them.

The city of Forlì is connected to Dante where he lived for over a year after he left Arezzo in the autumn of 1302. The exhibition will represent a voyage along the art history between the Middle Ages and the present, with around 300 paintings from the 13th Century till the 20th Century – with works by Giotto, Filippino Lippi, Lorenzo Lotto, Michelangelo and Tintoretto, Boccioni and Casorati, among others, who directly refer to Dante or were inspired by his literary themes.

The Reni oil on canvas painting, which goes back to 1619, is inspired by the “Cristo Risorto” sculpture of Michelangelo Buonarroti, which is found at the church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva in Rome. The painting was requested because it represents, in a methamorphical sense, the link between arts and the figure and works by Dante.

Kenneth Cassar Senior Curator at MUŻA within Heritage Malta, said that we should be proud for the fact that this painting was selected to be one of the central artistic works of this prestigious exhibiition. “This request is a certificate that this famous painting, which in the past formed part of the Grand Master collection at his palace, is really an internationally valued artistic work”.

The exhibition is not only an opportunity to commemorate Dante’s death anniversary but is also aimed at being a symbol of trust and reborn for the world of art, and the spirit of culture and civilisation it represents.