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Malta registered the second largest economic growth in Euro zone

Eurostat figures confirmed that during the last quarter of 2019, between October and December, Malta had the largest economic growth after Ireland. Figures show that during these months, the Maltese economy grew by 1.7% when compared with the same period in 2018.

The Irish economy grew slightly over that of Malta, with 1.8%. The average economic growth in the euro zone stood at 0.1% after major countries, including Germany, France and Italy registered a decrease in the economic performance during the last three months of last year.

The Eurostat figures also showed that Malta registered the biggest increase in jobs, compared with the previous three months. Eurostat said that jobs in Malta increased by 1.6%, compared to the 0.3% of the average increase in the euro zone. Estonia and Ireland also registered a good rate of jobs increase of 1.3%.