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Malta is to have a national plan for gender equality

For the first time Malta is to have a national plan for gender equality that will be implemented over the coming five years. This follows a UN Resolution that regards women as an important instrument to achieve peace and security. Ambassador Cecilia Attard Pirotta will head a committee to implement the plan.

The UN Resolution regarding women, peace and security is 20 years old with 86 countries having implemented it and experienced peace and security as a result of women being equal rights to participate in public life.

Although Malta has taken many initiatives in favour of female participation in society in past years, particularly in decision-making, this is the first time a plan will be introduced based on the UN Resolution. Ambassador Attard Pirotta will head a group of experts to ensure the plan is effective in all sectors of society.

She said legislation wil be put in place to help women and to ensure the maintenance of main streaming. It is further important that with all Ministries concerned, female representation in Parliament will be strengthened.

The action plan has been described by a UN representative as a comprehensive one and will introduce initiatives that will make a great difference to female participation in society. The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Evarist Bartolo, said the plan will bring greater peace and security stability.

He said steps have been taken over many years to strengthen the role of women in society as being on an equal basis and women have an important role in achieving peace and security and there should be no situation that is regarded as being solely the role of males or the role of females.

Minister Bartolo said the country has joined others in the fight against human trafficking in which women and young girls are the major victims and these have to pass through many anxious traumas and need help and support. He said the plan will be implemented over a period of five years and will systematically promote equality and ensure greater participation by females in society.