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Malta to host Super League Triathlon again in October

For the second time in a year, Malta is to host the world’s largest triathlon event, the Super League Triathlon.

This sport, which draws participants from among the world’s greatest athletes, is renowned for the challenges it poses because it combines three sport disciplines together, swimming, cycling and running.

During a media conference, Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi said the Super League Triathlon serves to attract quality tourists and places Malta on the world map as a sport destination.

During the weekend of 19th and 20th October the Cottonera region, particularly Vittoriosa, will be full of professional athletes for this edition of the event.

The Super League Triathlon CEO, Michael Dhulst, said that with the Grand Harbour as a backdrop, this is a stupendous scene for such a sport event that is transmitted to the homes of over a billion people.

“We pride ourselves to create a stadium-like feeling, a beautiful setting because for the triathlon we looked at what kind of nice destinations and locations there are around Europe. A little bit unique but not so something that everybody has heard about but that would feature a great race. And we thought that Malta has this as it is extremely beautiful.”

The event, which is free of charge, has the capacity to discover new talent, including that of Maltese athletes.

“We’re working with Sports Malta to do lots of activities and to build a fan-zone where people can eat, drink, have free zumba classes, training sessions, watch the race with a bit of djing, a bit of fine music. It would be a good atmosphere.”

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi said events such as this attract quality tourism, including from the US and Asia, and mean more income for the economy. He said to attract such quality tourists, the staging of events is necessary and this includes spectacle events, theatre, musical events and also including sport events. Such leisure activities induce more people to visit Malta and create new markets. He said he is certain that such events continue to place Malta on the map.

It is estimated that about 500 athletes will visit to participate in this edition of the Super League Triathlon in preparation for the coming Olympics next summer.

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