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Malta to be in the forefront with a strategy for Artificial Intelligence

Within the coming six months Malta will become one of ten countries around the world which will have a national strategy for Artificial Intelligence. The Parliamentary Secretary for Innovation, Silvio Schembri, spoke on this item after launching a public document for consultation on the basis of this strategy.

Schembri said in the same manner that Malta is a pioneer with a regulatory framework for the gaming industry and blockchain, it will also be a pioneer for Artificial Intelligence.

During the launch of the document, the Parliamentary Secretary said the Government’s vision is that Malta will be a locality for companies that want to develop Artificial Intelligence projects.

He said Artificial Intelligence has three strategic pillars, including attracting companies to Malta. Schembri said this will be implemented in the Public Sector and eventually in the Private Sector. This will take place through what are termed “enablers” from the aspect of the work-force as well as from an educational aspect but then there has to follow the legal and promotional aspects.

The aim of the document is that in six months’ time Malta will have a developed strategy which will place it among ten countries worldwide with an Artificial Intelligence Strategy.

The PS said that proposals and reactions to the 44-page document will be received by 22nd April.

He also announced that Malta will once more be hosting the Delta Summit this coming October, a summit that attracts companies of good standing in the sphere of digital technology and will provide a golden opportunity to underline that Malta is in the very forefront of technological regulations implementation.