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EU to double and triple funds for Erasmus and Digital Europe

Malta is expected to benefit from greater EU Funding in the science and technology spheres. The use of these funds was explained during a children’s activity at the Esplora Centre in Kalkara for Primary and Secondary Schools’ students.

The Parliamentary Secretary for EU Funds, Aaron Farrugia, said that as the EU is to double its funds on the Erasmus Programme as well as to triple its funds on Digital Europe, these will have a significant effect on Malta’s budget allocation to carry out projects in health, science, technology, engineering, research and innovation.

Dr Farrugia said Maltese employees are receiving training to fulfil the needs of an economy based on science and technology.

He said Malta will now seek to absorb greater EU funding because as a result of its economic expansion it has requested the EU Commission to continue granting cohesion funds to enable a continuation and consolidation of the economic growth.

The Chairman for the Malta Council of Science and Technology, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, announced that Esplora has been chosen by the EU Commission as one of the projects to promote by example the 30th anniversary of the Cohesion Policy.

He said that through EU Funds and other Government funds a former naval hospital has been given new life and transformed into an Interactive Centre for Science and hosts over 100,000 visitors annually.

He said a new project that will be adjacent to Esplora will be Esplora Natura, a state of the art project that will focus on natural history. Dr Pullicino Orlando said Esplora Natura will be inaugurated in four years’ time and will include exhibits that are currently housed in Mdina’s Natural History Museum.

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