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Malta to host international conference on iGaming and digital art

An international conference in the field of digital art and iGaming will be held for the first time in Malta for the next three years.

This event, entitled Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn, will bring various companies around the world together, including those who operate in the sectors of iGaming, films and marketing.

A conference which brings with it around 1,200 people from all around the world who work in this industry will be held in Malta this September. Since it was first launched in Portugal five years ago, this has become one of the largest type of events of its kind in Europe and is considered an opportunity for learning and an inspiration for artists in the digital industry.

The founder of this event, Andre Luis, said that Malta was chosen for the  next three years for various reasons, including the good prospects the country holds for this industry.

“The mentality and the project which the Maltese Government showed to us. We came here, we saw the location, we realized that this is perfect for the project we wanted and the Maltese Government had the same vision and the same passion that building a new digital hub for this industry, so that is why we chose Malta in the end.”

Mr Luis explained that while the conference this year is almost fully booked, promotion for this event is taking place in various countries around the world.

“We promoted in Montreal and Tokyo so far, and after this years event we shall be going to Seattle, London, Berlin and Sao Paolo to promote the 2019 event, it has been a challenge for us, why Malta but so far we have been succesful to spread the message I think.”

He explained how the iGaming industry in Malta has become of interest for a number of international companies and even universities.

“It’s bigger than I expected, it was a bit of a surprise to be honest, but more important is the possibilities that we can attract talent and we had meetings with universities and they are open to making improvements and to work together to make something bigger and better for the world.”

Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn will be held in the last six days of September.


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