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Malta to host meeting of Foreign Ministers of Western European, Mediterranean nations

Malta is to host the 15th meeting of the five Western European and five North African countries, all of which are situated in the Western Mediterranean, and during which a sustainable future in this region will be discussed.

This meeting, known as the 5+5, will be held between 17 and 18 January and will tackle challenges in this region, whilst also aiming for an exchange of ideas on important issues of common interest between these ten countries, among which the situation in Libya, the Peace Process in the Middle East and Sahel, as well as migration and climate change.

Details were announced at a media conference addressed by Minister Carmelo Abela, who will be presiding the meeting together with Algerian Minister Abdelkader Messahel. Prior to the start of the 5+5 meeting, participants will meet with a number of youths, as well as with the Maltese Parliament.

Apart from the foreign ministers of these ten countries, being Italy, France, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Mauretania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, also present in Malta will be the Senior Representative of the European Union, and representatives of the Union of the Mediterranean, the Arab Maghreb Union, the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, all of whom have observer status at this meeting.

The ultimate aim is for the countries of the 5+5 to cooperate more with the European Union and the Maghreb countries, whilst integrating among themselves to address Mediterranean issues through dialogue, hope and information-sharing.


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