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“Malta Together” bringing people and services together

There is no doubt that in recent weeks everyone’s life has changed dramatically, routines have been disrupted with many people having to come to terms with how they are going adapt to this new reality. As a number of shops are closed, many have resorted to the internet to try to find out how to get access to certain online services. In recent days, an online platform has been set up to assist those seeking a variety of services, from counseling to job opportunities.

Malta Together is a website that was recently established aimed at grouping services together. The Coronavirus has led to many shops and services having to close their doors to minimize social contact so as to stem the spread of the virus.

Malta Together contains details on the various helplines that are providing services, details of those who can offer counseling services, help for jobseekers. There is also a specialized section for children and young people, services for owners of domestic pets and details of other services that may be needed during this time.

Mark Weingard: ”Many people are facing difficulties living with this social shock is leading to distress and sadness on the one hand and business hardship on the other. Malta together was created to help you cope with these issues. We’re going to do this in many ways. We’ve already launched a portal for social initiatives and businesses. A one stop website where you can find all relevant information such as helplines and counsellings, so if you’re going through some personal problems, mental health problems or your business has a problem you can click on the Counselling button and you’ll find some information on about who to contact to help you.”

Mark Weingard said that during this extraordinary time, it is important that people keep busy with some activity. He claimed that from time to time Malta Together would broadcast courageous videos of well-known people, starting with a message from former football player and current English coach, Gary Neville.

”It’s incredibly challenging times at the moment from a health perspective and all our thoughts are with the health professionals is unique in the sense that we never experienced this before and probably will never experience this again but what will get us through is the strength of the people.”

Malta Together is a non profit initiative set up by The Academy of Givers, an Association which promotes unity and care.