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Malta objects to EU proposals regarding changes in carriage of merchandise by trucks and trailers

Malta is cooperating together with eight other EU countries to prevent the EU from implementing proposed regulations for merchandise transport. Maltese trailer companies are opposing the regulations as they are claiming this will increase their expenses and are not practical for the Maltese Islands. There is also a claim that instead of decreasing freight expenses, the EU is actually increasing them.

The Chairman of Express Trailers, Franco Azzopardi, told TVM said that if the measures regulating trailers come into effect, these will negatively impact the sector with greater expenses. The proposed regulations favour more drivers of horse-drawn trailers with limitations on loads within the same country and before being able to operate in another country. In Maltese case horses will have to accompany freight on sea voyages before being able to operate in other countries. Chairman Azzopardi said that increased expenses and environmental impact will prove detrimental.

He said that contrary to European Green Deal levels, this will increase CO2 emissions by four million tons because of lengthening waiting times to load freight.

He said the lengthened time will means that tucks will have to wait a longer period and trailer companies will have to increase their fleet by 15 to 20% to be able to cope with the flow. This will mean an increase in expenses as well as increased payment to drivers.

Azzopardi said that ultimately this will impact the economy and thus the consumers because operators will have to pass the costs to consumer.

Transport Malta Chairman, Joe Bugeja, said Malta is maintaining the role of leading companies objecting to the proposed changes.

He said that Malta and Cyprus, together with seven other EU countries on the European periphery, have created a lobby because islands will be more greatly affected through gross disadvantages and the proposals contain nothing that is positive for Malta.

Bugeja said in the coming week the Minister for Transport Ian Borg will be chairing a meeting in Brussels for the nine countries opposing the proposals because these go against competitivity, free movement and the environment.

Chairman Bugeja said that promoting the proposals are Germany, France, Italy and Denmark. TVM is informed that if these proposals come into being, the lobbying countries including Malta are prepared to take legal actions against the EU.


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