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Malta wants Libyan frontiers to be better safeguarded

Malta has maintained its whole support for Libya so that its maritime frontiers in the Mediterranean as well as its land frontiers bordering the Sahara Desert be better safeguarded in an effort to curb the phenomenon of human trafficking and criminal organisation be curbed, among other matters.

In a marathon of meetings held in Tripoli, Internal Affairs Minister for National Security and Law Enforcement, Byron Camilleri, he maintained that Malta and Libya have a common and important role of maintaining stability and security in the Mediterranean.

During discussions with the Libyan Minister for Internal Affairs, Khaled Mazen and the Libyan Minister for State and Immigration Affairs, Ijdid Maatouk Jadeed, the two countries agreed they should work more closely together in legal enforcement and the fight against criminality.

Minister Camilleri extended the hand of friendship with Malta offering training and collaboration in defence matters while noting with satisfaction the positive progress being achieved by Libya with its Maghreb neighbours.

It was a year ago when Malta and Libya signed a bilateral agreement to curb immigration in the central Mediterranean region.

Commenting to Television Malta, Minister Camilleri praised the efforts of the Libyan Authorities even though the immigration problem remains. He said Malta has to be prepared to work on these excellent relations for the ties between the two countries to be strengthened.

Although acknowledging that a lot more has to be done, Minister Camilleri also expressed satisfaction of a number of European Delegations that are visiting Libya, including EU Commissioners, to address the challenges.

He said a year ago Malta was alone in this but now other countries are following in Malta’s footsteps, not only EU countries but also others and this is very praiseworthy and positive.

Besides the problems of irregular immigration, discussions are also taking place with Libya for investment in Libyan commerce with Malta appearing to be strongly committed to bring about Libya’s economic recovery and more direct foreign investment is placed in Libya.