Malta tripe and black pudding back on the market thanks to new treatment plant

By-products from local animals, which were being discarded, can now start being placed on the market again thanks to the first treatment plant for these by-products in Malta.

This means the consumer will soon be able to once again purchase Maltese products like tripe and black pudding, rather just the imported version.

This investment at the Marsa abattoir, amounting to some 100,000 euro, was announced by Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Animal Rights minister Anton Refalo.

Minister Refalo explained that the use of these by-products had gone to waste in recent years, particularly since Malta joined the European Union, because processing methods in use in the past were no longer acceptable and no one was interested in making the necessary investment.

Dr Refalo added that through these products, which have a potentially higher market value, Maltese and Gozitan herdsmen will boost their income and convert what was previously being discarded into a new opportunity for added income.

To date. the greater part of by-products from pork, beef, sheep and goats slaughtered locally are incinerated at the Thermal Waste Treatment plant next to the abattoir. Some 1,700 tons of these by-products, most of which can be utilised, were discarded last year.

It was stated that this material includes by-products that can be used for human consumption, like tripe or blood. Other by-products, like animal horns, can be used for decorative purposes or in traditional trades.