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Malta with highest increase in employment among all EU member states

Malta has had the highest increase in employment between April and June when compared with the first three months of the year, when compared with all EU member states.

Eurostat statistics show that jobs in Malta increased by 1% in the second quarter of this year, with Spain registering the second highest rate at 0.9%.  Over a period of one year, the rate of employment in Malta increased by 4.7%, which is the greatest increase among EU countries. Portugal follows with an increase of 3.6%.

Eurostat figures show that the increase in employment in the Euro Zone countries and the 28 member states is at O.4% when compared with the same period last year.

Compared with the previous three months, between April and June, the increase in employment in the Euro Zone amounts to  1.6%, while in all of the EU member states the rate is 1.5%.

Eurostat said that these statistics show a record level of European citiziens who found employment in the period under review. .

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