Malta’s Centre for Creativity marks 20 years since inception with a number of projects and activities

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Malta’s Centre for Creativity in Fort St James, Valletta, and this is being celebrated with various projects being held at Spazju Kreattiv with plans to further enhance the creativity field.

This creative space offers a platform where the country can showcase and foster artistic creativity. Chairman of the Foundation Rupert Cefai said that St. James had been home to various forms of art.

“Particular theatre productions such as arena theatre, art house cinema, visual art and conceptual art, etc…up until 20 years ago dedicated spaces for this type of work were lacking.”

With about 120 projects a year, including several festivals, including the most popular ŻiguŻajg, the Foundation will continue to work to further raise the level of local productions and develop cooperation with international production companies.

St. James is spread over 6,500 square metres and there are plans for the 3,000 square metres of its roof space to be open to the public.

“Both in terms of access and as another space for artistic and cultural activities.”

Mr Cefai stressed that the mission statement and main vision of the Foundation remains that of being a major catalyst in the field of creativity for the whole family.

“Our interest is to create spaces that are used for cultural activities. We use the commercial part to sustain culture not vice versa.”

Minister for National Heritage and the Arts, José Herrera, visited the Centre for Creativity and said there was need to strengthen the identity of a Creative Space with a view to reaching new audiences