Malta’s citrus fruits differ from those of other countries

The benefits of citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and tangerines have been confirmed on numerous occasions both in studies and in practice. This apart from their excellent taste and their versatility for dietary purposes.Nutrition expert Godfrey Axiak said citrus fruit is packed with vitamins and nutients which strengthen the immune system and the defence system against illness.

“We will be better able to fight off the flu and colds, and they are also effective against certain cancers, and against kidney stones. The properties of citrus fruits effect us in many ways”, Mr Axiak pointed out.

A fact which is perhaps not commonly known is that Malta’s traditional citrus produce varies from that of other countries because of the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate.

“As an example, oranges from other countries are still packed with vitamins and minerals, but in different amounts. Vitamin C in Maltese oranges depends on a number of factors, and might not necessarily be constant in different seasons. Malta produces excellent fruit, both in terms of the good size and also as regards vitamins and nutrients”.

The village of Lija, which as a locality has close connections with citrus fruits, will be celebrating the annual citrus festival on Sunday near the Tal-Mirakli Chapel.