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Malta’s Whistleblower Act is among the most robust in the world

A report by an international organisation has concluded that Malta’s Whistleblower Act is among the most robust in the EU. At the same time, the report has suggested the setting up of an Agency to supervise the Whistleblower Act.

According to the report, “Blueprint for Free Speech”, the Whistleblower Act in Malta is among the strongest in the world because it offers full immunity to whoever reveals information of serious illegalities. It states that the Maltese law includes many international and European standards which normally apply in this field.

However, the same organisation indicated that the law could be implemented better with the setting up of an Agency whose duty would be to receive all whistleblower reports and supervise the implementation of the law itself.

The law which protects informers in Malta was passed in 2013, to offer protection against criminal or civil procedures against people who stick their necks out and reveal cases of serious illegalities such as corruption.

Considered by the same organisation as the second best law of its kind in the world, the Maltese law was given a score of 59.3%. Only the Whistleblower Act in Ireland registered a higher score. Together with Whistleblower Acts in France and the UK, the Maltese and Irish laws are the only four laws which exceeded 50%.

Justice Minister Owen Bonnici said that this report indicates a clear commitment by Malta in favour of the implementation of the rule of law. He said that the Government will be analysing the recommendations in this report to continue strengthening the transparency of this law for the protection of informers.

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