Maltese adoptions from India are set to continue despite pandemic

For the fourth day in a row, India has broken the world record of Coronavirus cases with more than 340,000 cases in a day and close to 3,000 deaths. Television Malta spoke to Malta’s High Commissioner to India, Reuben Gauci, who said that the situation in hospitals was alarming due to a lack of oxygen. He said, however, that the Indian Government was working hard to continue to vaccinate the population. In the interview with Mr Gauci, we also discussed the position of Maltese who go to India to adopt.

Mr Gauci said that the process of Maltese adoptions was ongoing, although the advice for Maltese who go to India for adoption purposes is to take all precautions.

In India over the last two weeks coronavirus cases have started to triple daily. This seems to have happened in recent weeks after the Hindu religious holidays, Ramadan and Easter.

Malta’s High Commissioner to India, Reuben Gauci, who has occupied this post in New Delhi for the past seven months, said that up until two weeks ago the cases of coronavirus in India, which has a population of 1.2 billion people, were between 9,000 and 15,000 per day.

“What has happened in the last fortnight unfortunately is that we have seen the figures rise to 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, 200,000 and now 350,0000 -the rate of infection per day is almost the same as the entire population of Malta. Currently there is a lockdown. Everything is closed. You can order food and essentials online and bring them home but currently you can’t even drive by car between one Indian State and another.”

We asked Mr Gauci what the situation is when it comes to Maltese who are going to India to adopt children.

“Although the legal advice is for Maltese citizens not to come to India currently given the situation, when you are talking about adoptions you are talking about someone who is coming to collect his children, and for our children we will do anything.” The advice I’m giving is to be extremely careful, just go out when necessary.”

The High Commissioner of Malta in India said that the situation in hospitals is very precarious especially due to lack of oxygen and lack of beds. However he said the Indian Government is doing its utmost to continue to vaccinate the population. This, after India developed its own vaccine, Covaxin and produces Astrazeneca itself under the name Covishield.

“People over the age of 40 were being vaccinated, but since the first of May it has been extended to anyone over the age of 18 …. India even has distributed vaccines to its neighboring countries, such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. ”

High Commissioner Gauci said the businessmen themselves are asking the Government to prolong the lockdown because they believe that if it is not done, things can only get worse.