Maltese among group of scientists who have discovered new therapies to combat cancer

A Maltese scientist working with a group of researchers have found a way to re-activate the human immune system to fight cancer cells that can develop.

Dr. David Saliba is optimistic that their research will pave the way for the development of new therapies to fight cancer.

Together with a group of researchers from the University of Malta and the University of Oxford, Dr. David Saliba has for the last four years researched about how immune system cells communicate with each other, especially when it comes to combating cancer.

“The soldiers of the immune system, which are white blood cells, must communicate effectively to recognize destroy cancer cells. They do this on a daily basis, constantly navigating the body, looking for and destroy C- cancer cells, “said Dr. Saliba.

Dr Saliba said the problems begin when the white blood cells stop communicating with each other and cease to combat cancer cells. Dr Saliba explained that the cell mechanism was analysed and were cells that were not active were re-activated.

“We managed to generate bubbles and manufacture very small bubbles synthetically, thus in our laboratory we could revitalize these white cells and these could eventually be used for new therapies that will enable us to raise the white cells to re-recognize cancer cells that have fled from the immune sistem. ”

Dr. David Saliba explained that this development occurred in the research stage. He said that after ensuring health and safety, scientists begin trials on cancer patients. However, he appeared confident that cures for cancer were increasing. He said that if this research continues to give good results, Malta had the potential to be a pioneer in the treatment of cancer.

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