Maltese and International artists come together for a music festival

A number of Maltese and international artists who are well-known and enjoy huge fandom will come together for a music festival that celebrates Mediterranean culture and traditions checkered with European pop music.

Alessandra Amoroso, Gigi D’Alessio, Elisa, Emma, ​​Umberto Tozzi, Mahmoud, Raf, Ira Losco and The Travelers are among those who will participate in the third edition of Radio Italia Live: The concert, as part of the Mediterranean Stars Festival.

The performers will be accompanied by the Mediterranean Orchestra which is composed of sixty musicians under the musical direction of conductor Bruno Santori.

The Mediterranean Stars Festival will be held at the Floriana Granaries on 4 October and is being put up by the Foundation for Mediterranean Tourism which was established in 2016 to promote peace and stability in the Mediterranean in collaboration with Maltese entities and Radio Italia Live. The concert will be free of charge.

The Tourism Minister, Konrad Mizzi, said that the festival will be accompanied by a number of events such as Notte Bianca, which will further promote Malta as a tourist destination. He said that Italy was a major destination for Malta with direct connections to seventeen airport in Italy and an average of four hundred thousand tourists from Italy visit Malta annually.

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