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Maltese artists given chance to display their talents around Europe

Maltese and European artists will be given the opportunity to develop their talents and artistic skills through a programme which will be carried out by means of co-funding from the European Commission and partner European cultural organizations  led by the Malta Arts Society.

AMUSE is an artistic project which was chosen by the Creative Europe Programme so that Maltese and European artists will be given a chance to display their talents beyond our shores.

16 artists from Malta, Italy, the Netherlands and Lithuania were chosen to go to each other’s countries to work, carry out research and study together, by means of projects which will be carried out at an investment of €180,000 over the next two years.

The project’s artistic director, Roderick Camilleri, said that the AMUSE project was chosen from 66 European projects by the European Commission. He said that the young artists were chosen on various criteria, one of which is that they will be instrumental in ensuring that more audiences understand and appreciate the Arts.

Matthew Attard is among the artists who will be taking part in the project. He said that the experience will help him to develop his talents professionally.

“This is a unique project on how we can collaborate with artists who are all coming from a different context around Europe, so this allows one not to go with a final result. but to go with the mindset of brainstorming out of which one can develop one’s art with others over there,” Mr Attard explained.

The Chairman of the Malta Arts Council, Albert Marshall, said that the project will cultivate the appreciation of the Arts with exhibits, workshops, seminars and other artistic activities.