Maltese born doctor honoured for his work in the field of anaesthesia

He was born in Malta and emigrated to Australia 44 years ago after graduating from the University of Malta, which at that time was known as The Royal University of Malta.

In an interview with TVM, Professor Stephen Gatt said that Malta had given him a lot including a very solid education which allowed him to make a success of his life including gaining recognition for the work he has performed from almost every corner of the world.

This week, Professor Stephen Gatt was awarded the highest honour from the Maltese Association of Anaesthesiologists for his contribution to anesthesia. The anaesthetist is a doctor who specializes in anesthesia and plays an important part in every operation.

“In addition to the anesthesia department we have a Department of pain relief and palliative care, where people with terminal illnesses like cancer can relieve pain.”

In 2018, Professor Gatt was awarded the highest honour from the Australian and New Zealand Obstetrics Society for his contribution in the field of pregnancy, childbirth and the period after delivery.

In an interview with TVM, Professor Gatt said he was very honoured by the award , especially because he is a specialist in intensive care and anaesthesia not obstetrics. Australia recognized the great contribution given by the Maltese Professor in establishing the first intensive care department of Obstetrics in Australia.

“This was the first place to have an intensive care unit of this kind and I think it is the first intensive care unit for obstetrics worldwide. It was founded 27 years ago and since then it has treated many people and I am proud I was part of this project. ”

Professor Gatt served as the President of the Society for Obstetric Anasthesia for Asia and Oceania and there isn’t a place in this part of the world where he has not gone to teach.

“I’ve given lectures in more than 100 cities the last one was Beijing, before Moscow that is. In one day I gave lectures to 13,748 people in the same room or the same or the same complex.”

Professor Gatt created the design of a number of medical equipment used worldwide. He has written five books and 285 scientific papers that were translated into many languages. He says that he receives enormous satisfaction seeing his work reach many people.

“One of the things that I am honoured to have done once, is having gone to a very basic market in Indonesia and finding a translation of one of my books. I bought it for 80 cents.”

About 15 years ago, Professor Gatt was honored as a member of the Order of Merit of the Maltese Government and some 10 years ago he was also awarded the Order of Australia.

Professor Gatt Malta was in Malta for a Council meeting of Maltese living abroad during which Minister Carmelo Abela announced that in October of next year a convention will be organized for Maltese living abroad, with the theme ‘Keeping Connected.

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