Maltese chefs cook up culinary feasts during Coronavirus crisis

Chefs who work in various restaurants, which are closed due to Coronavirus restrictions, have not been idle and are voluntarily preparing healthy meals for workers in the health sector. TVM visited them while they were preparing the menu for the day.

The team of chefs and other volunteers who are cooking at Kirkop school arrive early in the morning to complete food portions for workers in the medical sector who are considered the heroes of this medical emergency working long hours.

Chef Dario said he decided to use the free time for this mission which has found the support of several suppliers.

” We’re performing miracles and we have seen a lot of help, but notwithstanding all the help, to get everything to work in place one has to respect the work involved. ”

He said that the Maltese were generous in times of trial and were providing plentiful supplies.

” This is a sweet story. I made a video … we needed five kilos of tomatoes, the porters themselves went shopping, and they came back with them … in the meantime another thirty kilos arrived.”

Luke Cutajar, who is also helping out in the kitchen, feels gratified that they are supporting front liners in the fight against Covid-19.

” We get supplies for example vegetables, fruit, rice and pasta, and then let’ say we have spinach broccoli, and tomatoes … We put together a plate and we make soup or pasta with sauce for example. With whatever they bring us, we are be able to give to those in need. ”

Rodney Marsh said that there was a spirit of team cooperation while preparing food for the staff at Mater Dei Hospital and for other workers such as police and army officers in recognition of their valuable and outstanding work is.

” The time I lost, I’m giving something back … ”

Alessandra Muscat who works as a school counselor is also hands on in the kitchen.

”I’m in and out of the kitchen seeing if they need something and trying to find sponsors, social media doesn’t stop and people send us messages to help us … ”

Minister of Education, Owen Bonnici visited the volunteers to thank them for the work they were doing after part of the school building was transformed into a fully equipped kitchen in collaboration with St. Benedict College staff.