Maltese Consulate in Istanbul confirms no Maltese among victims and injured

Just a few hours after the suicide bombing at the Ataturk international airport in Istanbul, Turkey, the airport has re-opened for flights, including to and from Malta.

A crew from went to the airport last night where they spoke with the Maltese General Consul as well as with passengers who were about to board the flight to Istanbul.

There are no Maltese among the 41 victims and more than 230 people injured in the terrorist attack which took place on Tuesday evening at the Istanbul national airport.

This was confirmed by Malta’s General Consul to Istanbul, Franklin Aquilina, when we spoke to him before he left Malta on Wednesday evening to continue his work at the Maltese Consulate in Istanbul.

He said, “Our work started immediately as soon as news spread about the attacks late on Tuesday night. The first thing the Consulate did was to contact all the Maltese we know about who are there and to ensure that they were all safe and that none of them were hurt or were involved in the attack. We checked all the hospitals in the area to find out the nationalities of the  injured and victims. I have no reports and I can confirm that there are no Maltese involved.”

Mr Aquilina said that at the Ataturk airport, which is an international airport, security is expected to be increased even more than there was before. He said that it was thanks to the existing security measures that the number of victims was not even greater.

“I think we should not give in to these types of terrorist attacks because otherwise it will be as if they had absolutely won. You don’t know who they are or when they will attack. We need to be united and show solidarity with the Turkish Government.”

After Turkish Airlines cancelled two flights on Wednesday morning, one from and the other to Istanbul, by Wednesday afternoon, the flights had returned to normal.

The Turkish Airlines flight departed Malta at around 7pm with around 150 passengers on board.