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Maltese crib-makers to exhibit cribs at Washington museum

Maltese crib-makers have been given a unique opportunity to exhibit their cribs in one of Washington’s most prestigious museums. The cribs have been chosen following a competition launched two months ago by the Culture Ministry, with the assistance of Malta’s Ambassador to the US.

The cribs will be on exhibit for nearly five months, but the winning crib will remain on permanent exhibit in the museum which is dedicated to the Bible.

One needs to really look closely to appreciate the detail in the ten cribs made by Maltese artists, which will soon be exhibited in Washington.

“We only had two months, not exactly a long enough period, many of the competitors not only worked on the structure and the Maltese landscaping, but also made the crib figurines. The detail is incredible and highlights the skills of Maltese crib-makers,” Culture Director Mario Azzopardi pointed out.

Culture Minister Josè Herrera stated that this initiative will give particular promotion to the country, as Maltese culture and heritage are different from those of other countries. This, the Minister added, is a unique opportunity both for crib-makers and for the country.

“This cultural activity helps us to make the country more relevant and known, and the first ten competitors will have a unique opportunity as they will travel to Washington even in these difficult times for travel, and they will have their cribs exhibited in this prestigious museum dedicated to the Bible.”

Minister Herrera added that this is an opportunity for more American tourists to be encouraged to visit Malta, as the cribs will help them to better understand what the country offers.

The cribs, all over 1.5 sq.m. in size, will be exhibited from 26 November up to March of next year. This initiative has been possible through the support of Malta’s Ambassador to the US Keith Azzopardi and the Directors of the Bible Museum in Washington.