Maltese doctor lands important position at World Health Organisation

A Maltese doctor has landed an important position within the World Health Organization. Dr Natasha Azzopardi Muscat has been appointed Director and, among other things, will take care of health services in Europe, including increased access to medicines.

Dr. Natasha Azzopardi Muscat graduated as a physician in 1995 and has since worked in various areas of health, including maternal and child health, mental health and primary health care. She will now serve in the World Health Organization as Director of Health Systems and Policy in Europe.

In an interview with TVM, Dr Azzopardi Muscat said that her primary responsibility will be providing access to medicines in more than 50 countries in the European region. “How can we make sure that all countries can afford the medicines that people need? The second sector that we will be working on is people working in the field of health. Doctors, nurses, determining what are the needs in the health sector so that we can be sure that we can always continue to improve and sustain services in the years to come and work hand in hand with professionals. ”

Dr Azzopardi Muscat said two other priorities were digital health and mental health. She said that this in very difficult period the world was going through because of Covid it was important to make more investment in the health sector so that people do not die as a result of lack of access to health systems. “Covid serves to remind us that in most countries it was the vulnerable people who were affected so we also need to learn from this experience and see how health services can be much better prepared not only if there is a second wave but also because there may be other infectious diseases that we will have in the coming years that we need to be much better equipped to tackle. ”

Since 2016, Dr Azzopardi Muscat has served as President of the European Public Health Association.

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