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Maltese doctors may apply for medical cannabis

From Friday, doctors in Malta are now able to apply, on behalf of patients who wish to take medical cannabis as part of their treatment.

This was confirmed by Professor Anthony Serracino Inglitt, chairperson of the Malta Medicine Authority. He said that each doctor may apply and fill the prescription of control so that his patient is permitted to buy medical cannabis. This system was also used for other controlled medicines.

Asked whether there exist conditions or particular disease for which a doctor may apply for medical cannabis, Prof. Serracino Inglott stated that no particular specific conditions are included in the legislation. He said that, as agreed in Parliament, a Superintendent for Public Health will evaluate each case and he has the final decision.

The authority’s chairperson made it clear that the use of medical cannabis will be the joint responsibility of the doctor, the pharmacist and the patient and the latter should be informed he is using a medicinal product, and not medicine. This means that there is still no established and recognised tests on the product on a medical level as other medicines.

On this issue, Professor Serracino Inglott stressed that the Maltese authorities will be gathering information from health professionals on the performance of patients who take medical cannabis in order to advance the research which is still at an early stage.

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