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Maltese duo band based in Berlin release new single called ‘L-aħħar jum ta’ Vaganza’

Superlove, the Maltese duo band based in Berlin just released their third music video and second single in Maltese called ‘L-aħħar jum ta’ Vaganza”.

The track and video are fruit of their lockdown musings which lead to a dreamy ballad with nostalgic elements evoking sounds and elements of Radiohead, Portishead, Silver Apples, and 90s beats.

‘L-aħħar jum ta’ Vaganza’ was recorded in the duo’s home studio, mixed by James Arapicio (former Mute Records in-house engineer) and mastered by Pat Coefficient. The music video was filmed by Alexandra Aquilina and editing, composition and colour grading by Mark Dingli.

Listen to the track here:

Superlove started introducing Maltese songs into their sets as of last year. Although it felt like a big risk to them singing in a language unknown to their audience, their Maltese music went down quite well.

The band believe that the audience were more interested in tuning in to their Maltese songs because they still got their feeling and emotion even though they were not understanding the lyrics. The duo said that the fact that Berlin is a multicultural city, the audience will always appreciate new linguistic sounds in the music they listen to.