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Maltese economy registers a 4.9% real term growth in first three months of the year

According to provisional estimates of the National Statistics Office, in the first three months of the year, the Maltese economy registered a 4.9% real term growth and a 7.4% nominal value growth.

The National Statistics Office said that between January and March, the Gross Domestic Product stood at € 3,092 million having increased by almost € 214 million in three months.

The growth noted in the first quarter was at a slightly slower pace than that registered in the same period last year. In the nine months prior, the registered economy growth was much faster.

From NSO figures it was revealed that a growth of almost € 214 million in three months was divided into € 72 million which was allocated to wage increases, 125m to entrepreneurial profits and nearly 17 million in taxes.

The Government issued a statement in which it noted that the economic growth rate of 4.9%, is the highest among the countries in the Euro zone and is three times more than the European average.

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