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Maltese elderly man dies – 2 new Covid-19 cases in Malta

An 81-year old Maltese man died during last night while tests carried out on the man showed he was positive to the virus. He is the fifth Covid-19 victim in Malta. The elderly man was being treated at Karen Grech hospital and suffered from various conditions, including respiratory disease, kidney and heart diseases.

Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci confirmed two new Covid-19 cases in Malta, including that of the deceased elderly man. The other case is a 44-year old man who had stomach pain symptoms. The cases were confirmed during 1,218 swab tests. These brought the Covid-19 cases in Malta up to 482.

Is-Supretendent għas-Saħħa tindirizza konferenza stampa dwar il-Covid-19

Is-Supretendent għas-Saħħa tindirizza konferenza stampa dwar il-Covid-19

Gepostet von Television Malta am Dienstag, 5. Mai 2020

Prof Gauci added that four other patients recovered, which means that 403 persons have been cured and 74 are active cases. The age of recovered persons varies between 20 and 89.

The Health Superintendent also announced that there are no patients at the ITU in connection with Covid-19. There are currently five patients recovering at Boffa hospital and four others at Saint Thomas hospital.

She appealed for the use of masks when a person goes shopping or use public transport, together with observing the two-metre distancing between individuals.


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