Maltese engineers create a system for vaccine to be transported in a better way

A new system will shortly be used which was developed by Maltese researchers to improve the quality of life on an international level.

Maltese engineers from the University of Malta together with those from the company New Energy have managed to create a system which keeps electronic equipment at a very low temperature.

This equipment can be used for the vaccine against the pandemic to be transported from one place to another more easily, for the quality of TV cameras to be better than it is at present, as well as for other things.

“We have found a way to reduce the temperature to certain ICs for image sensors or CPUs in very small spaces, and we can get to very low temperatures ” said Andrè Micallef, Assistant Lecturer at the University of Malta.

The research will be widened so that the system which has been developed can be used in various fields, especially to transport the vaccine without the need of large freezers.

“The public can benefit from this project because we can come out with products which are more high performance, which means that with items like laptops we can lower the temperature of the ICs inside them to improve them, it can be used for cameras and even certain medical products such as the vaccine, not only in Malta, but in other places as well.”

The research was carried out thanks to the financial aid of €200,000 issued by the research fund from the Maltese Council for Science and Technology.

Minister Owen Bonnici said that this product shows the skills of Maltese researchers who are creating products to satisfy a particular need, and which are giving Malta a high profile. “This is a product which we never had before on the market. It is new and once it is commercialised it will be sold on international markets which is truly something which gives a great added value to the Maltese economy.”

Minister Bonnici explained that right now there are around 2,500 people working in the field of research.