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Maltese family had to vacate their new home because of fires in Australia

Fires in the state of New South Wales in Australia continue to threaten and endanger large swathes of land. Residents breathed easier at the close of what had been forecast as the worst day since the fires took hold. Although the worst seems to have passed, fires are still raging in at least 85 zones. Three persons have died so far, and over 150 homesteads have been destroyed.

TVM spoke with a Maltese man who had to leave with his family and vacate the new home in which he had recently started to live.

James Vella Bardon lives with his wife and two children in Sydney. He had to vacate his new home on the eve of the day forecast as catastrophic for the state of New South Wales.

Interviewed by TVM, James Vella Bardon said his family had just moved into their new home on the periphery of the Garigal national park.

Vella Bardon explained that Tuesday was a risk because the temperature hit nearly 40 degrees Celsius, and it was aided by very strong winds. The authorities urged all those residing within 100 metres from a wooded area to leave immediately. Vella Bardon’s new home is only 20 metres away.

“We had just sold our old home and purchased this new home near the national reserve. We had just moved in, and then we had to vacate it. Luckily, the new owner of our old home had not yet moved in, so we could return to it and we spent last night there.”

Vella Bardon added that the most serious danger is past, although they will remain on alert until Thursday”. They have now returned to their new home, although the children have not gone to school, as schools are still closed.

The fires upset the lives of hundreds of families somewhat unexpectedly.

“We didn’t have long, but we just took off and panicked, and all these amazing fire people saved my house.”

Whilst admitting to being scared at times, James condemned the irresponsible behaviour of some people.

“The problem here is that someone with very little sense decides to create problems and starts a fire. Nature does not start a fire on its own.”

Meanwhile, over 85 fires are active in areas on the Eastern Coast, and half of these still have not been brought under control. Some six million people reside in New South Wales.

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