Maltese feel safe attending medical appointments but don’t feel safe enough to travel

Maltese consumers feel most safe when going for a medical appointment and are less comfortable traveling, both by plane and for a holiday on a cruise liner.

This emerges from an EY Malta survey conducted last month and showed that consumers are more positive about their financial situation in the future. However, in general participants expressed having more anxiety compared to the situation during last survey conducted last November.

An EY Malta survey showed that the pandemic is affecting the way people view their lives. It turns out that one in five respondents responded that they had changed their values ​​and perception on life. It turned out that 16 percent said their focus on the value of money will change. Only 4 percent of participants said they are concerned about their employment and 8 percent believe they will be financially worse off next year.

28 percent of participants said the pandemic will stop affecting their lives when most of the population is vaccinated; 20 percent replied: when vulnerable people get the vaccine; 21 percent: when their relatives and friends get vaccinated, 21 percent: when they get vaccinated themselves and 10 percent said the covid pandemic 19 no longer had a significant impact on their lives.

The survey was conducted among 1,033 participants with the aim of gauging the level of consumer confidence and how they are looking to the future. Participants were surveyed between last month and the beginning of this month and another survey follows one conducted last November. It turns out that from last November until today, consumers were more positive about their financial situation and future spending. However in general the level of anxiety among the participants had increased.

” The strongest element of anxiety and concern is about how they should behave. If you see how comfortable people are about going to work, it is the lowest ever. It is to be expected apropos of what has happened in the last months. But there are also positive things that have come out of the study – for example when asked how the situation will be in a year’s time people tend to be more positive. ”

Asked what they feel comfortable doing now and in the coming months, the survey shows that consumers in Malta feel safest when going for a medical appointment, and the second most answered question about safety was going to buy from a grocery store. Maltese consumers feel comfortable going to a hairdresser, salon or spa. The survey showed that consumers are still somewhat afraid to go to a theatre or cinema, and also to travel on both an airplane and a cruise liner. .

Asked whether they think certain areas will return to the way they were before the pandemic, people were most confident about their financial stability, followed by the way they travel for work. They are less confident about their social life returning to what it was and travelling on holidays as they had before.

Once again, this survey once again showed the importance of technology as 29 percent said the way they use technology will change in the long run.