Maltese girl wins Next Generation festival in Italy

Kylie Micallef, 13, won the Next Generation festival recently held in Gardland, Italy.

What this victory means is that the Maltese singer now gets to sign a contract with the prestigious record company Sonohra, which operates under the giant company Sony.

Aiden Aquilina Cohen placed second in the adult category. He and singer Bradley Debono will be singing at the prestigious charity party, Premio Beatrice, in Verona, Italy. Italian musical legends such as Matia Bazar will be singing during the evening.

Other achievements at the festival included Gail Attard, who will be part of a project launched in 240 countries around the world, and 15-year-old Elisa Andrea Muscat, who won a scholarship to Disney International.

The Maltese singers were directed by one of the coaches of Voice Lab Malta, Claudia Magrin who during this festival launched her new song, which she wrote herself, ‘Be Someone’, to great applause by those present, prominent among these, a Director from the company Warner Italy.