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Maltese harpist achieves success in Ireland – wins Silver Medal in World Championships

Michelle Paris is a musician and a composer whose great passion for traditional Irish music has distinguished her with several prestigious medals from overseas.

Traditional Irish music has roots which go back thousands of years. It has a unique rhythm made up of melodious notes which communicate the dynamic history of this people.

Michelle Paris is a young. exceptional and rare musician for these contemporary times, as she specializes in this type of music by playing a typical Irish harp.

“There are no books to learn how to play this type of music – you learn it through oral traditions and by meeting with professionals who pass on their craft to you,” said Michelle.

Michelle has been playing the harp for these last 16 years and specialized in Ireland after she left Malta ten years ago to continue specializing in this instrument in the UK.

Over the last few weeks, she has continued to distinguish herself at a festival in Drogheda, Ireland, which was attended by half a million people from all over the world, where she won another honour to continue marking the success she achieved earlier this year.

Michelle said, “this year was very special because I won a silver medal at the World Championships in Ireland. The atmosphere of performing in the streets with people whom you have never met and who warmly welcome visitors, is amazing. They really appreciate that foreigners love their culture and welcome you with open arms, and that’s the best celebration of diversity that I’ve ever seen.”

In the last competition she participated in, in Ireland, the musician adapted and played Maltese music on the Irish harp.

For this edition, known as Fleadh Cheoil, Michelle received financial support from the Cultural Diplomacy Fund which is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion. The musician said that she now aspires to work with local artists to feature the Irish harp in their music.

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