“Maltese investors will benefit from stability in Libya” – Ambassador of Malta to Libya

Malta will continue to support Libya during its transitional period until the general elections in December.

This was stated by the Ambassador of Malta to Libya, Charles Saliba, who in an interview with the News Centre said that stability in Libya would be a golden opportunity for Maltese investors.

But until the country achieves stability, many legal issues need to be addressed, not just on how the elections will be held but also how the people will recover from the atrocities of war that are hampering the electoral process.

In two months’ time, the Libyan people are expected to vote in Presidential and Parliamentary elections under the auspices of the United Nations.

However the country cannot easily be weaned from instability largely due to issues regarding constitutional arrangements for the elections as well as ugly memories of a civil war which seem to be hindering the transitional process in this neighboring country.

In this transitional process Malta is supporting the democratic process in Libya with the reopening of the embassy in Tripoli and also the plan to open another in Benghazi, in addition to reopening flights between the two countries.

Despite this, the Maltese Ambassador to Libya Charles Saliba told the News Centre that Malta would continue to support Libya whoever was at the helm.

He stated that a stable Libya was a golden opportunity for Maltese investors.

“Libya has always been a place of Maltese investments. There were 2,500 in Tripoli alone. Prior to 2011 there were Maltese… here water, electricity and rent is cheap … a Maltese investor would come to Libya and keep it as a hub … hence the importance of Libya. Today you have a much bigger cake, as it were. ”

A documentary that aired Wednesday on TVM as part of the Carter Reports series (Carter Jirraporta) tackled the current situation in Libya, 10 years after the revolution against Gaddafi .

Business opportunities in the neighboring country are not only for Maltese entrepreneurs but also for young Libyan businessmen who are seeing good economic and trade prospects in Libya.

A clear example is Usama Raba, a young investor who grew up in Malta and has just opened a lido on the coast of the capital Tripoli.

“I actually grew up in Malta, I spent 9 years in Malta & they were some of the best years of my life. I am Maltese! When I’m travelling and the plane hits the Maltese tarmac, I feel at home. I have to be frank about the design, I think I got I got it from Maltese vibes”.

“Well, this is a very special case, it’s something new – a Libyan company and they had this idea to start carrying out some changes on the coastal areas of the city which is very unique and to show investment in Libya .
We want Libya to became a better place – safer and more prosperous”.

But for other Libyans the revolution hampered the prosperity they enjoyed in the Gaddafi era, with higher prices and less money in hand.

Ten years after the fall of the Gaddafi regime, a News Centre crew spoke to those who fought for freedom and others who are still trying to get back on their feet and turn the economic wheel.

The full documentary on Libya in the sereis “Carter Jirrapporta” can be found on tvmi.mt.