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Maltese journalist among winners in Mediterranean Journalist Awards

Photographer Darrin Zammit Lupi (second from right) is one of five winners in the tenth edition of the Mediterranean Journalist Awards.

Zammit Lupi placed first in the photographic section, with his photographs of rescues in the Mediterranean which were published in Reuters Wider Image. The winning photographs were taken in April this year, when immigrants were being rescued by an MOAS vessel a few miles off the Libyan coast.

The judging panel had this to say about one particular photograph: “The photograph of a smiling woman, with her infant near her, speaks for itself. This work projects hope, and shows some of the stories with a happy ending in the midst of tragedy.”

Winners in the other categories were Annalisa Camilli for the print media, Emberto Bacchi for electronic media, Jaafar Abdul-Karim for radio and television, and Iason Athanasiadis for Special Alumni.


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