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Maltese language will be obligatory to foreign students in Maltese schools

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo said that the teaching of Maltese as a foreign language will be obligatory to foreign children who attend schools in Malta, while Maltese language teaching for Maltese will not change.

Minister Bartolo was speaking in Parliament in a supplementary reply to Labour MP Byron Camilleri. He said that there are around 3,000 boys and girls who attend Maltese primary and secondary schools. Teaching programmes on the Maltese languages as a foreign language are being drafted for them, he added.

The Education Minister stressed that Maltese children will continue learning Maltese as the native language and stated he is not satisfied that only 61% of the children sitting for Maltese exam at the end of the secondary education pass with a certificate. He expressed the wish that Maltese literature for secondary school students is suitable for adolescents of this age.

Studies made on European languages, the Minister said, show that the Maltese is one of the four European languages in danger of disappearing in the digital era because the Maltese language has not enough presence in digital technology. The other languages in danger are Lithuanian, Latvian and Icelandic.

He further stated that Maltese children who study Maltese in European schools qualify to enter the University of Malta with a certificate in Maltese which is not in the level of the secondary end-term. He said that Maltese is also offered as a study programme at the University for Beijing’s foreign service in China and the Bremen University in Germany.

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