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Maltese magician honoured by International Magicians Society

Maltese magician Brian Rolè has been honoured by the Internatioal Magicians society who came to give him his award all the way from New York, after having evaluated magic shows all around the world. In this feature we meet Brian Rolè who has spent 20 years working in the world of magic.

He works on his magic tricks from morning till night and the magicians who fascinate him the most are David Copperfield and Chris Angel. To be a magician, Brian Rolè says that one has to practice for many hours a day, and invest in various equipment to improve his magic shows – which many describe as sleight of hand and the ability to trick people’s eyes.

Magic fascinates everyone, and we are off to meet someone who earns his living from magic, including the ability to make things disappear.

Brian Rolè has been in this job for 20 years together with his assistant, Lola Palmer. He told us that he feels very honoured to have been awarded this special honour by the International Magicians Society.

Mr Rolè said, “I’m happy because from a small country like Malta, we have managed to atract the attention of someone who is foreign, and Malta’s efforts in this field are being recognised.”

While we were with Brian Rolè, he did a few magic tricks for us, raising a table into the air without us being able to find anything underneath it which could be holding it well as other mystifying fascinating tricks.

“You have to practice, it requires creativity, you have to look at things in a different way and use your imagination,” said Rolè.

Brian has given shows in various Eruopean countries, as well as China, Mexico and India, and hopes that one day he can perform a show of international standards. He said that in Malta there are some very good magicians and their talents need to be recognised.