Maltese photographier captures the 75th anniversary of bombing of Pearl Harbour

Engineer Charles Mifsud has managed to capture an important moment during the activities which took place at Pearl Harbour on the 75th anniversary from when the Japanese attacked the American naval base.

The bitter experience of the bombing of Pearl Haboru by the Japanese in 1941 was turned into an experience of reconciliation between the US and Japan. On the 75th anniversary of the attack, which left at least 2,300 people dead, several events were organized as a tribute.

Mr Mifsud went to Pearl Haboru on his personal initiative, where he managed not only to live the unique experience but even to document this special moment through his photography and take photos of people who lived through this attack, one of whom is more than 100 years old.

This visit was made possible through the American Embassy in Malta. On his part, Mr Mifsud also had the opportunity to speak about what Malta went through during the war.