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Maltese population growing – with more births than deaths and with foreigners

With more than 21,600 immigrants coming to Malta last year, more than half of whom were from EU countries, during the same period 7,000 persons left the island.

Figures published by the National Statistics Office (NSO) on the occasion of World Population Day also show that throughout last year, Malta witnessed 748 more births than the number of deaths. This has led to the population of Malta reaching nearly 476,000 – an increase of 3.3% over 2016.

Malta’s population last year increased by 15,400 persons. Of these, 14,600 are immigrants who came to Malta for work or to retire here, among them nearly 1,500 Maltese.

NSO figures show that the great majority of immigrants, 11,700, are from other EU countries, and through the free movement of persons have every right to come and live in Malta. It emerges from these figures that immigrants from non-EU countries who came to live in Malta last year were in excess of 8,400.

Demographic movements also show that more than 7,000 persons who had been living in Malta had left the island. The majority, nearly 3,500, were immigrants from non-EU countries.

Both births and deaths also helped to increase the population by 748. This because during 2017, whilst there were 3,571 deaths, births numbered 4,319. Statistics also show an increase in longevity, as more than 63% of persons who passed to a better world were aged 75 years or more.

Statistics also show that civil marriages exceeded religious marriages. There were 3,072 marriages in Malta last year, including marriages between foreign couples who chose to tie the knot in Malta. The NSO said that nearly 55% were civil marriages.

Meanwhile, whilst the Maltese population represents just 0.1% of the population in member states of the European Union, Eurostat figures show that over the past 50 years, the population percentage of the European Union in comparison with the world population dropped by half. This because of a population explosion in the world’s two most populated countries, China and India.

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