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Maltese professional team identifies Puttinu building in central London

A team of fifteen Maltese professionals in London are close to purchase, on behalf of Puttinu Cares, a property in central London consisting of 20 apartments for Maltese patients who travel for treatment in London hospitals.

Architect Mark Borg, who leads a multi-disciplinary team of architects and lawyers who work in London, are currently doing research on a land so that the €20-million project becomes a reality. Puttinu Cares has been searching for a central London building for over four years.

Architect Borg offered assistance for the identification of the building to accommodate families who have relatives being treated in central London hospitals, including children who are being treated at the Great Ormond hospital.

“With the assistance of this group who voluntarily are providing the professional service, we are doing a due diligence so that Puttinu will have this important property for patients”, Architect Borg said.

Once the building is purchased, apart from the Sutton apartments that accommodate 25 families, for the first time Puttinu Cares will provide Maltese patients who travel to London with a fee accommodation in a central London building, a few distance away from hospitals where between 60 to 90 patients are admitted each month.

“Currently, Sutton is full; they come for a transplant and we have no place. Sutton patients go there and those admitted to Great Ormond, National, Moorfields will be close by.”

The Vice Chairperson of Puttinu, Angele Cuschieri, said that Maltese patients, together with their families, are currently suffering when they travel to central London, with rooms expenses going up to 35 sterling each person for every night. Ms Cuschieri added that with the new building, the families will have their apartment and will be a few distance away from hospitals with less traveling especially for persons with difficult health conditions.