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Maltese purchasing more goods through online shopping

In 2017, around 271,000 people in Malta used the Internet. From statistics issued by the National Office of Statistics, it results that almost 64% used this method to purchase goods or services which vary from clothes to food products.

The Internet is a powerful force not only to acquire information and to communicate but also for commerce. This was confirmed by a study carried out by the NSO which showed that many Maltese people are purchasing their needs online.

The survey found that sports clothes and sports goods continue to be the most popular items purchased by the Maltese online. However the greatest increase in online goods was registered in items for the home, films and music.

The survey was carried out among 1,500 people, and from the results, the NSO estimates that last year, 175,200 people bought products or services online – an increase of 2% from 2016.

129,239 bought sports clothes and sports goods
96,075 reserved accommodation for their holidays
77,486 made travel arrangements
59,909 bought home goods (up from 39,405 in 2016)
43,391 bought music and films
18,000 bought food products

The NSO has established from this research that in 2017, around 80% of the population uses the Internet not only for shopping but also as a means of communication.  More than 80% of people between the ages of 16 -74 access the Internet from their mobile or not from their home.

In 2017, 159,917 used the platform e-Government for various services which are available online. This service also saw an increase of 10% among young people aged between 16 – 24.